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Home made yeast culture

Let me say up front that I DO NOT expect this to work well.  Continue reading “Home made yeast culture”

Happy Birthday Bryce!

Bryce turned 1 today!

Picture 176

We are lucky to have a perfectly happy and healthy little boy to make it.

Continue reading “Happy Birthday Bryce!”

Fish Soup. Not much else is new.

I made Fish Soup the other night with a recipe I came up with.  Continue reading “Fish Soup. Not much else is new.”

Ciela Get Your Gun!

Last night Ciela and I were sitting on the couch getting ready for bed. Continue reading “Ciela Get Your Gun!”

“Dangerous” is his middle name

Bryce has been crawling like crazy for a month now, and doing his share of furniture walking.  Continue reading ““Dangerous” is his middle name”


Something fascinating happened the other day.  It was Monday evening, Continue reading “Perseverence”

Ciela’s Self-Discipline

Since I started this blog after Ciela was more than 3 years old already, Continue reading “Ciela’s Self-Discipline”

Update on Building Plans

We had a major coup a week or so ago and things are progressing along pretty well these days.  Continue reading “Update on Building Plans”

Bear, oooooooooh!

We have had a bear in our yard every night for the past five nights.  Continue reading “Bear, oooooooooh!”

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