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Ciela Get Your Gun!

Last night Ciela and I were sitting on the couch getting ready for bed. Continue reading “Ciela Get Your Gun!”

“Dangerous” is his middle name

Bryce has been crawling like crazy for a month now, and doing his share of furniture walking.  Continue reading ““Dangerous” is his middle name”


Something fascinating happened the other day.  It was Monday evening, Continue reading “Perseverence”

Ciela’s Self-Discipline

Since I started this blog after Ciela was more than 3 years old already, Continue reading “Ciela’s Self-Discipline”

Update on Building Plans

We had a major coup a week or so ago and things are progressing along pretty well these days.  Continue reading “Update on Building Plans”

Bear, oooooooooh!

We have had a bear in our yard every night for the past five nights.  Continue reading “Bear, oooooooooh!”

Quote of the day

I have been collecting quotes for some time now.  Mainly because I wished I was the person who can rip of a great and insightful quote here and there.  Even though I have amassed several very good quotes, I am still NOT that person.  Anyway, maybe if I try a new media for the quotes I will remember them better.  Here is my first quote of the day (which will for sure will not be a daily regularity):

“It is at our most challenging times that we must cheat our hardest.”

– Cartman, Southpark, “Eek a P#n!s” Episode

Ciela’s first adventure

Ciela surprised us the other day.  Ann Marie and I were out in our field doing some measuring for the soon-to-arrive horse corral.  We only expected to be out there for a few minutes and Ciela wanted to watch a movie.  So we figured we would tell Ciela to hang out and enjoy the movie, but if she wanted us we were in the field – just 30 or so feet from our house.  After about 15 minutes of measuring, Ann Marie looks across the field to an area a couple hundred feet away on the other side of one of our neighbors and sees …. Ciela.  What in the….?!  We rush over and find Ciela on her way to her best friend’s house (Tess).   Needless to say, she has never done anything like this and usually doesn’t like to venture out without one of us.

About Ciela

Age:  3 1/2

Favorite Foods: Butter, Minestrone Soup, Hot Dogs, Pizza, French Fries, Yogurt, Cheese, Salami, Broccoli, Collard Greens, Green Beans, Beets,

Favorite Movies:  Little Mermaid, Cinderella, 101 Dalmatians, Peter Pan,

Best Friends:  Tess, Riley, Campbell, Ben, Carly

Pets:  Abbey (dog), Prescott (dog), three baby chicks (all named “chick”), Maddie (beta), a shrimp, a shark (really its an algae eater), and most recently added are several pollywogs and a couple very small fish.

Favorite Toy: My Little Ponies.

Favorite Play Theme: Horses, “Crabs”.

Favorite Activity:  Swimming.

Most Recent Major Development:  Gave up nighttime diaper on her own.

Favorite Disneyland Ride:  Small World.  Also loves the Carousel.

Famous Person Most Resembles:  Cameron Diaz

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