Doug Parent



Old Entertainment center…

We have loved you for 5 years.  But its time to move on.

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Lake Casitas

“The Tree” as the locals in the bait shop call it

Happy Thanksgiving

Looking for a new blog for the new year. Well… one month ahead of schedule

About Bryce

Age:  8 months

Favorite Foods:  Pizza Crust, Continue reading “About Bryce”

Broccoli Salad

The problem with most broccoli salads is the broccoli Continue reading “Broccoli Salad”

Ciela starting Kindergarten and Bryce Talking

Picture 175

Ciela starts kindergarten in one week Continue reading “Ciela starting Kindergarten and Bryce Talking”

Valentines Day at Papa Lennons

Lobster Papa Lennons

Ann Marie and I stayed home for Valentines day this year Continue reading “Valentines Day at Papa Lennons”

Happy Birthday Bryce!

Bryce turned 1 today!

Picture 176

We are lucky to have a perfectly happy and healthy little boy to make it.

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Fish Soup. Not much else is new.

I made Fish Soup the other night with a recipe I came up with.  Continue reading “Fish Soup. Not much else is new.”

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