Age:  8 months

Favorite Foods:  Pizza Crust, Anything Mommy and Daddy are eating. He got to try fruit salad with Kiwi, Blackberries, Watermelon and he loved all of them.  I hate to admit it, but I let him taste beer and he loves it.  When he sees a can you can hardly contain him now.  He really has an incredible palate and seems to pretty much love anything new.

First Word:  Daddy.

Favorite Activity:  Swimming.  We gave him lessons with an outstanding teacher and easily goes under the water for a few seconds.

Loves:  When Daddy tickles and roughhouses with him; Nursing; Standing at the steering wheel of the car pretending he is driving;

Most Recent Major Development: Sitting up – he still isn’t crawling, but it seems just around the corner

Favorite Disneyland Ride:  He really had fun on all of the ones we took him on.  I guess he is too young to be scared.