Picture 175

Ciela starts kindergarten in one week – I can’t believe we have gotten this far so fast.  She has really matured into an enjoyable little girl.  She is still so fun and active and she is cooperating much more lately, especially on stuff that hopefully will make parenting and family life easier for us and more enjoyable for her.  Her talking is impeccable, with strides being made in using tenses and mastering complex subjects like “ghosts.”

Speaking about ghosts and other silly supersitious things, I realized I have a deeply rooted animosity toward these things.  It became more apparent recently as Ciela has become more curious about them.  Whenever she asks about them I instinctively tell her “there is no such thing as ghosts…its all pretend.”  As a kid, there is apparently a natural desire to ‘want to believe’ in them.  I guess I just feel its better for everyone if the kid gets the truth and gets over it as young as possible.  Superstitions are the root of most of the silliness in the world.  (See previous and subsequent posts for examples).

Bryce is doing very well (except for a recent two week barf attack).  He is growing, but he is still small.  He is talking ALOT.  We can get him to pronounce just about any word under three syllables, and he is very good at associating words with their meanings.  A couple weeks ago he started putting two and three words together to form basic sentences.  He is also getting much more physically adventurous.  Although he was never fearful, he has always been cautious.  He is still cautious, but is willing to push the envelope much more.  Just two days ago we were at a jungle gym at the beach and he insisted on me not helping him jump from a ledge 5 feet off the ground to a slide pole (I helped him, but tried to hide it enough to fool him).  Hes a happy kid.