Bryce turned 1 today!

Picture 176

We are lucky to have a perfectly happy and healthy little boy to make it.

Bryce’s favorite things to do are to generally crawl around and get into stuff.  He loves Cielas toys, playing with Ciela, but his most favorite thing to do of all is sit in his Daddy’s tractors and play with the steering wheels.  Wait til I show him my nail guns!

He has an incredible palate – I was just thinking the other day as I was feeding him that there is pretty much not a single food that he has spit out, or turned his nose up.  He is not a glutton, but he loves almost anything – the more flavorful the better.  On Tuesday I was eating some leftover tacos from my favorite mexican restaurant, Cuernavaca.  They were spicy, not hot, but full of flavorful exotic spices:  Al Pastor, carne asada, these are delicious authentic tacos.  He was on my lap and had already eaten soup and some turkey when he decided he should try my tacos.  So i broke off a piece of Al Pastor and gave it too him – he loooooved it.  He ate the meat in about 1/2 taco.  Even I couldn’t believe he liked this stuff this much.