Last night Ciela and I were sitting on the couch getting ready for bed.  It was a long process because we started much earlier than the usual 9pm.  I rarely have the TV on in the evening (unless Ciela is watching a movie) but last night Ciela was in her room playing queitly with Bryce, so I thought I would check out the latest extremely biased right wing news to stay up on things.  I noticed that “Key Largo” was playing on one of Ted Turner’s channels – its a Humphry Bogart classic from 1948 and is an absolutely great movie – and decided to take a peek.  I was totally hooked.  After about 20 minutes I realized I had seen it before and remembered loving it then too, but since that was probably before digital cable, I don’t think I ever knew the name of the movie.

Man, it is a great movie.  After watching Batman Dark Knight the other day and, apparently being the only person in America totally disappointed, seeing a classic like this that actually relies on good acting and scripting instead of silly special effects is refreshing – realizing a superficial person like myself actually  likes a classic like this and detects why it is just a much better movie than Batman made me feel good about myself.  Anyway, I was surprised that Ciela became fixed on the movie.  She wandered out to the living room and started watching it.  I thought she was just zoning due to extreme fatigue, but she was hooked.  She loved it.  She started asking all these questions about who the men were, why they were in the big house and why they couldn’t just leave.  She intuitively knew there were “bad men” and wanted a whole explanation about why they were bad.  I think the movie is so good and and without all the over-stimulating special effects of todays movies, more subtle effects become powerful.  Whatever the cause, I was impressed at how moved Ciela was by this movie.  Especially the conflict between good (Bogie) and evil (Ed Robinson).  There was little violence and guns by today’s standards, but the ending does have a gun scene that highlights this good/evil conflict.  At the end of the movie, Ciela says she wants to see it again – of course, she doesn’t quite understand the diff between DVDs and TV yet, so she was a bit bummed when I couldn’t.  But I did explain it to her and this is where it got so funny.  She has me explain the good men and bad men and why they are fighting – how Bogie is trying to defend himself against bad robbers, bla bla bla.  And then she just intuitively knew why they had guns and said “I want to be able to defend myself against bad men.  Can I have a gun?”  She was quite certain what role she wanted to play and that it was important to have a gun to do this.  Of course, Im not the NRA, (albeit I have sympathies and am pro-2nd amendment because it IS an amendment), but I have to say I was proud that she was able to take such a strong stance on good/evil and understand that something scary like a gun can be used by good people to protect themselves.