Bryce has been crawling like crazy for a month now, and doing his share of furniture walking.  But just in the past week or so he has become extremely verbal.  He has been saying “dada” for about a month and “mama” for a couple weeks, both of which are very difficult to understand.  And in many cases we aren’t even sure ourselves if he is even saying those words or we just think he is saying them and its really differing versions of “gaga”.  Anyway, a couple days ago he said a word and it was unmistakable – not perfect, but unmistakeable.

He was playing with a cupboard door, opening, slamming, opening, slamming.  So I say “Bryce, thats dangerous….DAAANNNNNGEEEROUSSS.  DAAANNNNGEEERROUSSSS”  He turns and looks intently at me and then says “daynduh…..daynduh” (and then he proceeds to open and slam the doors, of course).  A similar scene happens whenever he crawls over near our stairs (all two of them).  He stops at the top stair, sits down, looks over at me and says “daynduh.”  “Yep.”

Actually a couple weeks ago I started saying “nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh” while I wagged my finger whenever he tried to eat something dangerous, or my remote control.  He stops and looks and he would repeat “nuh-nuh-nuh.”  He also does this with “daynduh,”  as on “nuh-nuh-nuh, daynduh.”  He is 10 1/2 months.