Something fascinating happened the other day.  It was Monday evening, it was still light out and we were all hanging out outside.  Ciela was playing with Tess, and I was watching Bryce play around in Ciela’s new electric Jeep car thingy.  Ciela and Tess were trying to “catch birds” – one of those naively cute things kids do.  Adults know you can’t catch a bird by hand!  Especially a fidgety finch, the type of bird at the feeder they were trying to “catch” a bird at.  The whole seen was very cute:  Ciela and Tess would lay down on the grass and pretend to be asleep so the birds would come back to the feeder.  Then they would get up, run over to the feeder and “try to catch a bird.”  The birds would fly away on cue.  They did this over and over and over, I would say at least 20 times.  Then on the umpteenth time, Tess screamed out “Ciela has a bird, Ciela has a bird.”  I looked over and sure enough, Ciela had a little finch in her hands.  Within a few seconds, the bird wiggled free and flew away.

For months Ciela has been chasing new chickens that we have bought to replace the ones that have departed us in the past year or so.  I am sure that her experience chasing the chickens and learning about their behavior helped her figure out the Finches as well.   Well, its a once in a lifetime accomplishment…….

Update:  Ann Marie told me that Ciela caught ANOTHER bird yesterday!  This time she wasn’t able to get both hands around it so it flew away quickly.