Since I started this blog after Ciela was more than 3 years old already, I missed quite a bit of history with her.  One of her most impressive traits since she became a “big kid” is her ability to impose self-discipline on herself.  Two times she decided pretty much on her own that she was going to give up something important to achieve a goal.  First was the nightly bottle at bedtime – terrible for her teeth (two cavities) and it made eliminating the nightly diaper a near impossibility.  Ann Marie and I talked with her on several occassions about getting a special treat if she gave up her bottle at night, but we never really pushed it on her.  She is really tenacious and the thought of taking away something she loved so much just seemed like too much stress.  Anyway, one day several months ago, Ciela sees a toy in a catalog (My Little Pony $4.99 – yes!) and just has to have it.  So she comes to us and says “I don’t want my bottle anymore.  And that was it.  She never even acted like she missed it.

Then a couple months later on her own she comes to us and says “Im not going to wear my diaper to bed anymore because Tess doesn’t and I want to be a big girl like Tess.”  That was it – no more diaper, and maybe only 3 or 4 accidents.  She is a good girl.