Last night Ciela successfully attempted (unwittingly) her first magician trick on me. It was the early evening and I had just made her dinner. She wanted to sit in Bryce’s high-chair and pretend to be a baby to eat dinner. So I helped her into the chair and after some contortioning on her part, I managed to get the table down over her head. I put her plate on the table and went to the sink to clean some stuff. After a minute I turned around and Ciela is standing on the kitchen floor behind me. Of course, I immediately knew she got down by herself, which, in and of itself, is no big deal. But when I looked at the table on the high-chair, her plate of food was STILL THERE! So I made a big deal about how surprised I was and asked if she was magic and I scooped her up into my arms. She just went nuts after she realized she did something so sneaky that I thought it was magic. I actually just think she wanted to get down for a minute and took the most expedient way out (contortioning under the table and out of the chair). But she just thought it was hilarious that I thought she was magic. So she insisted we replay that scene over and over, each time insisting that I turn around and not watch her sneak in or out of the chair. I have to confess, I did peek, and it was quite impressive – some might even say magical.